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The future of electronic mobile medical care is here.

MobileLTC is a revolutionary new way to manage mobile devices in your healthcare organization. With MobileLTC, a skilled nursing or long term care facility can now place secure, managed and locked down mobile devices into the hands of caregivers. This simplifies the charting process, allowing them to chart at the bedside, and generally at times more convenient for the staff, thereby producing more effective and efficient workflows in the facility.

Mobile devices support any application compatible with Apple’s iOS, such as Point Of Care, Skin & Wound, Secure Conversations and ChartPic, all available for PointClickCare EMR. All mobile devices are protected with a brightly colored, waterproof, shockproof case, coated in an anti-microbial treatment to assist with infection control.


Raises Charting Compliance

Cost Effective

Stable & Durable

HIPAA Compliant

Tablet devices can be used to capture mobile e-signatures for patient intake, or any other form that can be filled out electronically.


The completed and digitally signed form is then securely sent via e-mail, and can be filed away with no need for pen and paper.

Skilled Nursing Facilities report seeing significant increases in their charting compliance when nurses and CNAs use the mobile devices, which translates into increased revenues, happier staff, and better patient care.