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Managed IT Services to Improve Your Business Performance

Managed Service Provider (MSP) services are intended to enhance the security and functionality of the technical aspects within your organization. Our team of professional and highly competent IT technicians can handle networking, email, hardware and other issues based on your particular needs and will leave your staff free to be productive with the tasks that they perform best at.

Let Creative Technology Solutions remove the hassle of managing your own servers and services. We effectively become an extension of your company’s IT department. With our managed services you can leverage the latest technology without having to worry about hardware or any of the headaches associated with maintaining computer systems. This means less overhead and a larger return on your IT investment.

Discover how Creative Technology Solutions can manage your IT needs

We understand the importance of keeping your network up and running around the clock. If a security breach or other concern is detected our advanced monitoring software will send an alert to the appropriate technician, who can make immediate corrections before the issue has an impact on your organization.

Our software is able to detect small problems, so before they become major headaches the majority of networking issues can be corrected remotely. If, however, a more serious situation arises, one of our friendly and courteous technicians will promptly resolve the issue on-site.

Backups for all your sensitive medical data are regularly and remotely completed. In the event that a full recovery is ever required the process can be handled in a straightforward manner, with little to no impact on the functionality of your facility.

For those of you ready to fully embrace the benefits of the digital age, cloud services can eliminate the need for on-site servers, backups, recovery and much more. Email can also be hosted remotely, and our staff members can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if any issues arise.

Develop a Customized MSP Service Package

We understand your circumstances are unique to you. We understand that you need more than just extra bodies. You also need knowledge and experience. Our professionals can help you to determine which of our services are most appropriate for your organization, and will assist you in the creation of a customized service package ideally suited to your needs. Working with Creative Technology Solutions will free up precious time for your staff members while reducing IT overhead within your budget.